I pay for NZ Firsts election campaign

Thats right, I am paying money to help NZ First fund its 2008 election campaign.

But I am not doing so by choice. I am doing so because I am paying taxes to the Government, which are being stolen, legally or illegally, by NZ First, to fund its election campaign. A copy of its latest election advertisement, which appeared in the Dominion Post and possibly other newspapers can be seen here. It is an election advertisement.

Lets apply Annette Kings law of common sense. Is it an Election advertisement? The law (section 5 of the EFA) states anything that is “encouraging or persuading to vote … for 1 or more specified parties”. The specified party is NZ First, which has its logo, and picture of its leader on the advertisement, and the name NZ First is mentioned three times in the advertisement. It clearly statesNZ First policy, and why they hold those policies. The questionare at the bottom, designed to add a legal facade to the advertisement by asking people to send in their views on the issues, so disguising it as a questionare to consult people on the policies. Unfortunately for NZ First, the arguement that it is a questionare instead of an election advertisement is rather weak, as it seeks to persuade people (clearly by its language, i.e. “don’t you agree?”) to support those policies. It looks like an election advertisement, reeks of taxpayer funding like a NZ First or Labour election advertisement, and according to both the EFA, and law of common sense, is an election advertisement.

If it is election advertisement, then it is illegal, because it does not have the correct authorisation required by section 63 (2) (a) of the EFA. So NZ First has broken the Electoral Finance Act (which it voted for).

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