Corrupt theiving scum

I don’t use words like this to describe people very often, but I will today to describe a organization that has well earned that title: the Labour (or Liarbour) Party.

The New Zealand Herald has outlined confidential strategy notes (read “secret plans”) from the Labour Party to steal more money from my taxes for its re-election campaign:

In a private session on election strategy, run by President Mike Williams, delegates were advised to distribute pamphlets on KiwiSaver produced by the Inland Revenue Department and on Working for Families produced by Work and Income.

They were also advised to tell voters when handing out the pamphlets that National voted against both measures.

… such publicity has never before been directly tied to political campaigns, and in the context of the new Electoral Finance Act, the move could be seen as inappropriate use of Government publicity

David Farrar says “let us remember here that this is not a low level campaign worker thinking “Hey why don’t we grab a hundred KiwiSaver pamphlets in case we run into people interested in them. This is the Labour Party’s most senior campaign official telling every MP, candidate and campaign activist to use taxpayer funded material as part of their election campaign”. And you can bet $824 524 that the cost to WINZ of producing the pamphlets, as part of Labours election campaign, won’t be included in Labours election spending limit.

Idiot/Savant at No Right Turn blogs (and for once I agree 100% with him): “It is the same basic contempt for the law we see in the US political system, the same desire to win at any cost no matter what it does to our democracy. And by just proposing it, they’re encouraging this attitude, and further undermining the very necessary controls we have on party election spending”. Idiot/Savant also disscusses the possibility that this advertising could breech the Electoral Finance Act.

Idiot/Savant comments in a related post on Kiwiblog (see comment at 2:37pm here) how s/he has already been informed by Labour that it’s all just a misunderstanding, and was just an idea pitched by one enthusiastic delegate, without information on how the idea was recieved. To be frank, I don’t believe anything Labour says. And there is no reason why we should, given its record, including promising the auditor-general before the election to include the pledge card as a campaign expense, only to reverse this position just days latter (just days after the election).

Ever since Labour decided to steal $824 524 to illegally fund its election campaign (and doing so despite being warned three times by the Chief Electoral Officer that such material would have to be included in its campaign expenses for overspending, which it illegally refused to do), and rewrite Electoral Finance laws for partisan political purposes, and now, it has shown complete contempt for democractic principles, and a willingness to do whatever it takes, no matter how un-democratic or un-ethical, to win. Although Helen may not (yet) have gone as far as locking opponents up in concentration camps, the level of respect she shows for democracy is similar to those third world dictators who do, and one suspects at times like these that she would consider doing so if that was the only way to retain power, and she would get away with it.

If so, Helen Clark really does have the same level of belief in democracy as Robert Mugabe. And that is why she must be voted out this election. Fortunately, in publishing this story on the front page today, the NZ Herald has helped do that.

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2 Comments on “Corrupt theiving scum”

  1. […] on pamphlet-gate Last week I blogged on how the NZ Herald had exposed plans of Labour to use KiwiSaver and Working for Families […]

  2. Stoke that ego Says:

    Dear Lairbour and Helen,

    John Keys asked a valid question today.

    “What are you doing to run the country instead of ‘muck raking’?”

    Helen Clark “Diddums”.

    Is this all you can come up with for NZ???

    This “behaviour” is an appauling, pitiful, disgraceful and shameful spectacle from our “leader”.

    Clark stated on 1ZB last year: “I don’t muck rake”. “blah blah…is cancerous and corrosive”.

    The irony is a bitter sweet testiment to the ruin created and felt within this fine land.

    Please resign Helen. Save us all the hassle of having to vote you out. Save yourself the embarassment.

    Love from,

    A nation in disbelief.

    New Zealand

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