Why Clinton and Obama are unsuitable to be US President

Find out right here.

Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama confirm what I already knew about them. They both support the legalised murder of innocent unborn children. Frankly, any candidate who supports the legal murder of unborn children for no reason other than inconvenience to the mother is unsuitable for any political office which involves making descisons on the abortion issue, for the same reason that any candidate who wants to gas jews or commit any other form of genocide is unacceptable. Sadly, in many countries of the world, including New Zealand, the pro-abortion culture has become so widespread that pro-life voters have to choose between the lesser of two evils. In the US, most of the Republican Party is still pro-life, and US voters have a real choice between a pro-abortion President (Obama, or if a miracle happens Clinton) and a pro-life one (McCain).

Laughably, both candidates claimed to be christian. They obvioulsy belong to a new christian church of liberalism, in which “thou shalt not kill” means “thou shalt kill the unborn”, and “thou shalt not commit adultery” means “thou shalt allow, and have sex education in schools to encourage, sex outside marriage”.

This is my first blog post on the US election, an issue that I have not blogged about so far because it is too difficult to predict the outcome. But with real clear politics average polls showing Obama within 7 points of Clinton in Pennsylvania, the last big state left to vote, it is increasingly clear he will be the nominee, and that the race will be close (with the averages showing McCain has a tiny 0.4% lead over Obama, and leading Obama in Ohio, Florida, and more narrowly in Pennsylvania, three important swing states). I will blog more on the US election as the race develops.

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