About me and my blog

Welcome, thank you for visiting my blog

I am Nicholas O’Kane, a 25 year old “political junkie” with a degree in history and political science. This blog is about New Zealand and world politics, government policy, as well as ethics and religion.

It is written from a conservative, pro-life, pro-traditional family values, pro-free markets and Catholic position

The views expressed are my own. They should not be taken as the views of any organization of which I a member, such as the Catholic Church or National Party.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog


5 Comments on “About me and my blog”

  1. Brian Johnston Says:


    You have a total misunderstanding for CIR

    1) There is no such mechanism as BCIR

    2) CIR by definition is when an issue is put to the popular vote, vote thus taken. This simply means that the outcome of the CIR is the decision.

    The gov’t referenda bill is an abuse and a misnamed poll bill

    I put in a submission to the gov’t bill and appeared at parliament to speak to it. At the invitation of the National Party I spoke in support of CIR in a debate forum.

    I support referenda, veto and recall. It is ideal to have all three.

    You mention minorities. You may be one. You lack a faith in human nature. CIR is not used to attack minotities. See Switzerland.


    Brian Johnston

  2. PoliticsNZ Says:

    Hi Nicholas,
    Sorry to contact you via your blog however I thought I would inform you Round 2 of PoliticsNZ.com is well underway, simulating the 2008 – 2011 term.
    Would be great if you could join us.

  3. Osram Says:

    I’ve read some of your blogs about cannabis and you really sound like a bit of an idiot. Your arguments are not well thought out and a basically biased in a really big way. It’s people like you that keep us in the dark ages with respect to drug prohibition. Shame on you.

    You really should try and get out of the habit of suffering from confirmational bias when trying to form an argument for or against an issue.

  4. Andy Moore Says:

    Hi Nicholas. Keen to discuss Rosemary Fenwicke’s run in Wgtn Central for National candidacy.

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