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Backstreet abortion lies

February 27, 2008

One of the common lies advanced by “pro-choice” groups to legalise the murder of unborn children, is the argument that abortions happen anyway. they just occur, instead of at safe, legal “clinics”, in dangerous backstreet alleys, posing a threat to the life and health of the woman. Of course in any society crime occurs, and if abortion were illegal some illegal abortion would probably occur. But in order to advance their case they greatly exaggerate the numbers of illegal abortions. In 2001, when Portugal was one of the few European countries with reasonably restrictive abortion law, Planned Parenthood advanced the 20 000 to 40 000 figure on number of illegal abortions, and 10 000 women each year needed hospital treatment for the number of legal abortions.

Sadly, there is now a way we can see how accurate these figures are. In 2007, a referndum was held, with the loaded question Are you in agreement with the decrinimalization of the voluntary interuption of pregnancy, if carried out, by the womens choice, in the first ten weeks in a legally authorized health institution?. A fairer question would be “Should abortion be legal in all circumstances when a women consents to it, during the firsat ten weeks of pregnancy?”. Given the loaded question, the 59% yes vote should come as no surprise.If there really were 20 000 to 40 000 backstreet abortions when abortion was illegal, we would expect 20 000 to 40 000 legal abortions now. However the number is only 25 per day, average 9000 per year. The number is fewer than the number of women Planned parenthood claimed to have been hospitalized due to illegal abortions. This leaves three possibilities:
1) That thousands of Portugese women are choosing to have dangerous backstreet abortions, despite there being a safe legal alternative availiable (unlikely)
2) That there a re fewer pregnancies in Portugal now, or that more Portugese women are choosing to keep their babies than abort them (given such a massive decrease in such a short period of time, unlikely)
3) Palnned Parenthood was wrong (the obvious answer)