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Howard sets date for his own death

October 16, 2007

OK, not his real death, but his political death. John Howard has set the date for the poll: November 24. He faced a harsh dilemma of choosing a latter date (like December 1 or 8) giving more time for a big event that could change his fortunes (i.e. a miracle) to come, but risk the perception of desperately holding onto to power as long as possible. Whatever his choice, he will soon be history.

Howard is a long way behind in the polls. The latest newspoll gives Labor a 12% lead over the coaltion, with a massive 185 according to one poll in New South Wales and Victoria to Labor. The leads have stayed reaonably consistent all year. Although Howard did make impressive comebacks in 2001 and 2004, good luck (tamap, 9/11 and Latham’s implosion) played a role and he wasn’t this far behind when calling the poll. Even though Howard will loose if he’s lucky, slaughtered if not, he has one major achievement. Rudd promises few changes to his Australia, and Labor has become more centrist. Expect more posts in this new category in future.