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The Labour Party spin blog

March 13, 2008

One of the new blogs to the blogosphere, and one where posts appear very often, is the standard. The people behind the website, are just as anonymous as National’s donors, despite their frequent calls for more transparency. It has emerged that the Standard is being hosted by the Labour Party. Although Tane explains in the comments that this was a temporary measure as it needed to be shifted as it often crashed because of all the traffic. Even if this is true, it indicates that labour is supporting the Standard, and there probably are connections between the anonymous bloggers and the Labour Party. I would be very surprised if Labour offered to host my site if it had the same problems. Also, Labour Party president Mike Williams has said publicly that “Labour Party activists”(he must know who they are) are behind the blog. Bill English points out herethat there are legal issues involved with Labours new Electoral Finance Act. One can only imagine what The Standard would do if the Exclusive Brethren were caught secretly running a blog attacking Labour, that was hosted by the National Party.

 UPDATE: In the comments section, Iparet from The Standard has offered his explanation. It is worth a read. I will investigate the issue more in the near future.

The Standard has not only used Labours web address. They have also had (it appears) some good lessons in dishonesty and spin from their Party bosses. Yesterday, they put up a new postabout plans from the Canadians to asset strip Auckland Airport, in order to derive hyper-dividends. The post was made on a gross misinterpretation of a linked NZ Herald article, which revealed that the hyper-dividends were to be obtained by exploiting a tax law loophole that has now been closed. I tried twice to comment on the articles error, but both times my comment did not appear in the comments section. When Snelly Boy finally made the point I tried to make, at 3:22 PM, Steve Pierson, the author of the post (and one of the few bloggers who writes The Standard who blogs under his real name) conceded he was wrong, but amazingly, despite admiting he was wrong said “the arguement that the CPF is here to asset-strip still stands”. He also did no editing to his original post. As a result many readers will read it, without all the comments, and go away with misinformed views of the CPF. Keeping the post up unchanged, knowing the information is wrong, is lying to his readers. While on the subject of Auckland Airport, today is D-Day for the bid, and the voting is close.

But in case you are a left winger and and optimistic about the Airport staying in NZ hands I’ve got some bad news for you. The airport has been out of our hands for the last 10 years (since the Government sold its shares in 1998). As I pointed out here 40% of the Airport is owned by overseas (mostly US) hedge funds, and another 14% is already owned by the Canadians. So more than half the Airport is already under foreign control. So much for it being a NZ national asset. But hey, you wouldn’t expect The Standard to spread the word on that, or anything alse that undermines its spin.


I’m back

October 12, 2007

I’m back, just as I said I would be. It’s been a long time (seems like more than a month to me) since my last post. Expect more regular blogging from me now.

Blog played role in Benson-Pope resignation

August 14, 2007

Andrey Young has a good post about how her blog helped expose the lies of David Benson-Pope. Good for her. There are times when blogs can help change politics (another case in idiot/Savant at no Right Turn on sedition laws) but these cases are few and far between. hopefuly as the blogosphere grows and improves in quality it can become important. On of the wonderfull things about blogs and the internet is that it is difficult to regulate, so thus becomes unregulated free speech. This can only be described as a good thing.

Know your government

July 17, 2007

Whale Oil has invented a new “know your government” crossword, which I recommend to those like crosswords and don’t like Labour. It is quite challenging, and also has the slight downside into going into personal abuse of Jordan Carter.

Whale Oil has on his website a number of other features, such as the Plates Gallery, of new anti-Labour car numberplates, and a blog which is very critical of Labour.