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20 hours not free

August 22, 2007

This is the truth about Labours election promise for 27% of parents. A group of Auckland mothers has found that out, and has turned up in a march on Parliament today to hold our politicians accountible to that promise. If the protest was held next year, they would be required to ensure no candidates hold signs in their protest, register and spend no more than $60 000 ($5 000 if their group has one person under 18) or make a statutory declaration that they won’t spend $500.


Labour lies again

July 18, 2007

While doing research for my blog post about Dover Samuels retiring, I discovered this post from Kiwiblog, about how Labour MP Darren Hughes lied about the incident when Dover Samuels urinated in a hotel corridor saying “there was no suggestion from the hotel that Mr Samuals was drunk”. What did the Hotel say: Samuels was “not sober” (i.e. drunk).

More recently, Steve Maharey has lied about Labours 20 hours free subsidised childcare policy, which he claimed would save the average parent with children at kindergarten $60 a week. This is despite official stistics showing 76% of parents with children at kindergarten  would get less than $20 a week from the policy. The reason why the two figures are different is because his figures are based purely on “anecdotal information”. As Farrar puts it, “he made it up”.

As free as childcare

July 13, 2007

Imagine if someone promotes a free sausage sizzle, but when they give a heated sausage with bread and sauce, ask for $5, the sausage is free, but $3 is for the heating, $1 is for the bread and 41 for the sauce. You can’t just have the sausage only. not fee, is it? On Tuesday’s agenda, they had a ficticious sausage sizzle like this, run by Clark, with Clark telling a anoyed customer that the sausages were “as free as childcare”. There is a lot of truth in the example. The way Labour continues to spin its policy as 20 “free” hours shows how much trust we should put in such a government.

20 hours not free childcare policy comes into effect

July 3, 2007

Yesterday, Labour implemented its broken election promise of 20 hours free subsidised childcare. In reality, it is free only for some, as only 62% of childcare centers have joined the scheme, and of those half are increasing fees somewhere else to pay for those 20 free hours. So in reality it is free only for a select few. Whaleoil has a great new advertisement for Labour promoting the truth, not Labour spin, about the policy.

Labour’s broken promise

June 26, 2007

Just before the 2005 election, Labour promised that if re-elected, they would provide you with 20 hours free childcare. They also drew up examples to show how poeple would be better off with Labour. Of course what they did not include in their examples was the truth. This is their definition of free is such that parents need to enrol for a minimum of 7 hours per day, get 6 hours “free” and pay heaps for the 7th hour to cover the cost of the free 6 hours. Can you get any more dishonest? I hope all New Zealanders get to read this post as it shows how much trust they should put in Labour- close to none.