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Nepal: a new communist threat

April 18, 2008

19 years after the Berlin wall fell, and communism became totally discredited as an ideology (in the same way fascism was in WWII), and even in countries where the Communist Party remained in power, such as China, the economic aspects of communism were thrown out the window. Only in a handful of international pariah states such as North Korea and Cuba (and I think thats it, oh yes, now Venuzuela) does the economic aspects of communism remain. But somehow Nepal seems to have missed this global tide, and (this is no joke) they have just elected Maoists into power. Of course this is a democratic election, so the west will have to respect the result.

Of course, socialist economic theory has failed spectacularly over the long term everywhere it has been tried, and I doubt Nepal will be an exception to this. But my main worry is that the Maoists will try to use democracy to destroy it, by rewriting the constitution to advantage themselves (in future elections, and elsewhere) and then build on this to establish a one party state. Instead of participating in the democratic process (although one where the monarch ignored a number of times, most famously in 2006, where he arbitarily declared a state of emergency to give himself absolute power, only to back down after rioting created an actual emergency) they have waged a long civil war against the Government. No Right Turn blogs on how this could be the end of the monarchy, a very dangerous step, as it would enable the Maoists to have complete power. What is needed isn’t the monarchy’s abolition, but its transformation into a constitutional one like the UK and New Zealand.

In any case the international community should respect the result, but make it clear that it will not sit idly by and watch the country being transformed into a one party state, and if human rights (and I consider the right to ownership of private property, within limits, a human right) are threatened, itwill be treated as a pariah state like its cousins in North Korea and Cuba.