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Cronyism and corruption rife within Labour

July 24, 2007

The Dominion Post has a good editorial (although a week old) about cronyism within Labour, detailing the appointment of Ross wilson to be chairperson of the ACC, and the sacking of Ms Setchell from a job within the enviroment ministry, due to the fact her partner worked for National Party leader John Key. the latter case has got a large amount of media attention (which it deserves), particularly on the role of David Benson-Pope in her sacking (on which I will blog more latter). This comes after a case of someone being sacked for seeking nomination to be a National MP. There is a real threat to the neutrality of the public service here.

What is extremely distirbing is the possibility that cases like these are linked to Labours plans to change campaign expenditure laws in its own favour, and embark on a massive taxpayer funded re-election campaign. If what insolent prick says is true, we should be very frightened.