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Ontario MMP referendum

October 12, 2007

Ontario, in Canada has just had an election, and with the election they had a referendum on wether or not their provinces voting system should be changed from first past the post (FPP) to MMP. MMP lost by a big margin, but ironically the election shows why they need MMP. The Liberal Party won over two thirds of the seats, with only 42% of the vote. The Green Party got 8% of the vote, but no seats. The New Democrats did better, getting 9% of the seats, for 175 of votes.

 No Right Turn has the best quote on the story. 37% of the vote is a “crushing defeat” for MMP, while 42% is a “massive victory” for the provincial government. I’m glad we don’t have the unproportional, and undemocratic FPP system any more.