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Left wing hysteria

March 3, 2008

One of the most popular left wing bloggers is Idiot/Savant at No Right Turn. While s/he is very informed of the issues s/he writes about, and the blog is a informative source of information, and has a noble tradition (ignoring the Electoral Finance Act and abortion) of standing up for Democracy and Human rights, all over the world, sadly s/he holds a world view, of some people (the socialist left) as perfectly good and others as completely evil. It goes without saying that the “goodies” in Idiot/Savants world view are the radical socialist left, and the “baddies” are the conservative right. In her/his eyes the National Party are corrupt crooks who deliver whatever policies their secret donors want them to, and have no principles apart from looting the state and doing anything to deliver profits for their rich mates. It appears beyond her/his ability to conceive that National, or any right-winger, might genuinely believe their policies to be best for society, even if such a belief is misguided. In many cases Idiot/Savant resorts to hysteria to back up his case. Look at this post on Nationals forestry policy. In it s/he labels the policy as “theft” arguing its only purpose is to “funnel public money and assets into the private pockets of [National’s] rich mates”. David Farrarhas just put up a post on the policy discussed (handing out carbon credits worth $1.25 billion to owners of forests planted since 1990) as stolen by Labour, and included in Labours carbon trading scheme on 20 September 2007. If the policy really was a $1.25 billion “giveaway” it would have been all over the news. It wasn’t. Idiot/Savant must also believe that in order for Labour to introduce such policy, it must have been bought of by rich donors, and corrupt like National.

To be fair to Idiot/Savant, he appears in this post to deny that Labours trading scheme includes extending carbon-credits to post 1990 forest owners, saying that they will only get credits generated after 1 January 2008. This press release from the Kyoto Forestry Association indicates that Idiot/Savant is mistaken.

The purpose of this post is not so much as to attack Idiot/Savant, but warn blog readers to be sceptical of any left wing claims that the sky will fall in, and we will be back to the 1990s with a National led government.


Predictable results of socialist policy

May 26, 2007

Guess what the results of Labour’s new carbon-neutral policies to fight climate change have been to date? An extra 800 000 tonnes of carbon in our atmosphere.

New figures have come out showing that three millon trees have been cut down in the last 12 months which will not be replanted. This has had the effect of putting an extra 800 000 tonnes of carbon into our atmosphere.

What is so tragic about this is it was so predictable. Idiot/Savant at No Right Turn blames this on the market. Waht he ignores is that this year one third of trees felled in New Zealand were not to be replanted, compared with 2.5% traditionally. Although the market may play a role in this, probably a much bigger factor is the new $13 000 per hectre tax the tax-hungry Labour government has imposed on anyone who converts forrested land into agricultural land, with no carrots involved. The results were completely predictable: people owning forrests would deforset them as quickly as possible before the new tax came into effect. What should have been done was too give carrots for planting new trees and not cutting trees down.