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Day of shame

April 8, 2008

Yesterday was a day of shame for New Zealand. We signed a free trade agreement with China (or Chaina).

You may be asking, whats so shameful about that. Imagine if New Zealand had signed a free trade deal in the 1930s with Nazi Germany, and obtained that trade deal by being silent on the fate of Germany’s jews. Would that be shamefull. If so, then yesterday is shamefull for NZ. We have made it clear that our human rights consceince has a price tag on it.

Make no mistake. Chaina’s human rights record is very bad. Chaina is a authoritarian dictatorship, with a long history of human rights abuses, including killing and imprisoning pro-democracy and Tibetan protesters, persecution and murder of Falun Gong practitioners, and the forced abortions on many Chinese women. It is the heir to the evil totalitarian states of Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia.

Not that this should worry Helen Clark, who has shown her attitude to free speech and democracy clear with the Electoral Finance Act and pledge card.

I’m not saying the free trade agreement is bad. It is clearly a good thing, and David Farrar has pointed out many reasons why. It is just shamefull that it is signed with the blood of innocent people.