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National policy dilemma

July 18, 2007

No Right Turn has put up a post entitiled “John Key in a nutshell” about a NZ Herald article entitled “Key promises local body change, but won’t say what”. This title, says Idiot/Savant, demonstrates what John Key is all about, promising to change things but without releasing specific policy details. There is truth in saying that Key hasn’t released much policy. What left wing bloggers who criticise key on this ignore is that parties don’t usually release policy until election year. If National was to release all its policy now, it will see Labour adopt some of the most popular policies, giving Labour the credit for them, and gift labour a long time to attack the rest of the policy. Also, the governments fiscal situation might change between now and the election, possibly making some policies unaffordable. It will also miss out on good news headlines closer to the election. If National waits until election time to release policy, then it will get to have the policy as current news at election time, thus bringing it more media attention around election time. If the left wing bloggers still want to complain, they should criticise Labour for not releasing their intrest free student loan policy and extension of working for families until weeks before the election.


Key to do student loan U turn

May 26, 2007

NZ Herald quotes John Key giving a strong indication his party will do a U turn on interest free student loans. It says during a speech at Tauranga Boy’s college he said it would not be in national’s best interest to reverse the policy, a sure sign he intends to keep the policy.  There shpuld be no doubt the policy was a election bribe by Labour, hence why it was released a few weeks short of the election. I expect Labour to come up with similar bribes in 2008.