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Free Speech in Canada

June 6, 2008

Canada is a democracy, with a proud long tradition of human rights, and free speech. Right?

Think again. One Canadian citizen, Mark Steyn, who is well known for his politically incorrect views on Islam, “Eurabia” and the threat Islamic fundamentalism poses to western civilization (I sometimes read the pieces he writes for the Investigate magazine, although I do not agree with everything he says), wrote the (in)famous book, America Alone: The End of the world as we know it, arguing that due to Islamic immigration and high birth rates, Muslims would take over Europe, turning it into “Eurabia” and leaving America alone as the only bastion of western civilization. A piece from the book was published in a well known Canadian magazine, Macleans Magazine, in an article avaliable here, entitled “the future belongs to islam”.

Not unsuprisingly, Muslims in Canada didn’t like what Steyn wrote. And not having learned about tolerance and free speech (to be fair to them, there is very little tolerance and free speech in the Muslim countries), one fundamentalist Muslim group, the Canadian Islamic Congress, took a complaint about the article to a “Human rights” commision in British Columbia. Unfortunately, the “human rights” protected by the human rights commision don’t include the right to free trial (there is a 100% conviction rate at the tribunals for complaints made, the comissars who run the trial have no legal training, there are no case law or precedents, no rules of evidence, and the fact the information may be truthfull and published with reasonable intent is absolutely no defence) or freedom of speech. Instead they are about the freedom from speech, and freedom from expression, for the left wing’s favoured minorities. Although the trial of Mark Steyn is still in progress, we have the results from other cases bought before these “Human rights” tribunals.

Mark Steyn isn’t the only Canadian to be bought before these Human Rights Tribunals for offending Muslims. Erza Levant, the author of the conservative magazine Western Standard was bought before the Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commision for re-pubishing cartoons of the prophet Mohammed, which had been printed in Denmark earlier. He was investigated, which included long questioning sessions on his views towards Islam, and why he published the cartoons.

Criticism of Islamic fundamentalism, isn’t the only type of free speech punished by these “human rights” tribunals. In 1997 Hugh Owens published an advertisement in the Saskatoon newspaper, the StarPhoenix arguing that homosexuality was morally wrong, and refering to (but not quoting) several bible passages on homosexuality (including one, Leviticus 20:13, about stoning homosexuals to death) The Saskawatchen Human Rights Tribunal upheld a complaint that the advertisement exposed homosexuals to hate, ridicule and belittlement, and ordered both Owens and the paper to pay $2 000 in fines. The paper introduced a policy of not running “anti-gay” advertisements.

Also that year, in London, Ontario, mayor Dianne Haskett refused to proclaim “gay pride day” or fly the rainbow flag on city property. The city council was fined $10 000 for its homophobic actions. Another Canadian city, Kelwona, British Columbia, issued a proclamation for gay pride day, omitting the word “pride”. The provinces Human Rights Tribunal called his action a “mean spirited” “insult” to homosexuals.

The following year, in Missauga, Ontario, printer Scott Brockie refused to print material for a gay rights group on the grounds that doing so would go against his religous beliefs. Sadly, the Ontario Human Rights Commission didn’t care much about his human right to practice his religion, and he was ordered to publish the material, after being fined $5 000.

Four years latter in Saskatchewan, Bill Whatcourt, and his Christian Truth Activists organization was found guilty of distributing pamphlets claiming homosexuals were born gay. In response, he was fined $17 500, and given a court order not to distribute pamphlets criticising homosexuality.

In 2005, Pastor Stephen Boissoin wrote a letter to the editor of the newspaper Red Deer Advocate calling homosexuality immoral, dangerous, and saying it should not be promoted in schools. Two weeks after the publication of the letter, in the town of Red Deer, a gay teenager was physically assualted, but there was no evidence that the letter had anything to do with the assualt other than the timing coincidence. That was enough for the Alberta Human Rights Tribunal to convict Boissoin of hate speech against homosexuals.

Fortunately, nobody has gone to prison for free speech in Canada yet. The same can not be said about Sweden, which has similar hate speech laws. In 2003, Pastor Ake Green was sentenced to one month in prison for a sermon in his church, calling homosexuality “abnormal, a horrible cancerous tumour in the body of society”, and calling homosexuals “perverts, whose sexual drive the devil has used as his strongest weapon against God”. Although I agree that homosexuality is immoral, I do not share the hate views of Ake Green, and instead hold the belief that it is their actions (of having sexual relations with a person of the same gender, and whom they are not married to (and I don’t believe in gay marriage)) that are morally wrong, not merely being attracted to a person of the same sex.

However, regardless of ones feelings towards homosexuality, or Islam, one basic principle of democracy and freedom is free speech. And that includes the right to say things that may offend some people (such as homosexuals and Muslims). While we may be glad that we do not have hate speech laws in New Zealand, it may not stay that way. The Labour Government went as far as launching an inquiry into the issue, before it was stopped as part of it’s confidence and supply agreement with United Future. Although Labour looks set to loose the next election, who knows if when they return to power their disdain for free speech, that they showed in the Electoral Finance Act, won’t be shown in new hate speech laws. For the meantime, enjoy free speech, and the fact we live in a free society (except in election year), where one is free to express almost any political opinions one wishes. And lets hope it stays that way.



August 15, 2007

Thats all you can say about the British Police’s descison to prosecute channel 4 for a documentary entitled “undocover mosque” which exposed a “moderate” Iman (priest) shouting “we hate the kuffar” (kuffar being a deroagatory term for non-Muslims). They are being prosecuted for for inciting hatred. If any-one is guilty of inciting hatred it is the iman. However, I feel that ‘we hate the kuffar’ should be allowed (in the same way “we hate socialists” should be) under free speech. “Death to the kuffar” shouldn’t be.

The difference between Christianity and Islam

August 14, 2007

Glen put this comment on the Salient website, which does an excellent job of describing the big difference between Christianity and Islam.

“Perigo has railed vociferously against all religions, including Christianity, since Adam was a boy. Nevertheless, it appears a distinction needs to be made regarding the two religions: Christians separated church and state in their native countries and gave women the vote long ago; Muslims have not. Christians stopped executing adulterers, homosexuals and heretics long ago; Muslims still do – regularly. Jesus did not advocate or practice paedophilia; Mohammed did – and by the Qur’an’s account thoroughly enjoyed it. The Bible does not demand war with the infidel until the all world is subjugated; The Qur’an does. Christian peace means peace; Islamic peace means when all the world is Islamic. Christian fundamentalists are a threat to abortionists and not much else; Muslim fundamentalists are a threat to the whole of western civilization. Moderate Christians rally against atrocities performed in the name of their religion; Moderate Muslims do not.

I could go on…

Here’s something you don’t hear moderate Muslims talking about: the Qur’an is essentially made up of two halves – the Meccan and Medinan, which have been knitted together in a non-chronological order. Mohammed wrote the first ‘peace and loving’ half in Mecca when he was trying to get support for his fledgling movement. The second ‘blood and guts’ half calling for the subjugation, proselytisation and/or execution of non-believers was recorded in Medina, when he had assassinated all the dissenters and formed his brutal totalitarian state. Now, the important bit to note is this: the latter half of the Qur’an dictates that all laws written prior to the Medinan scriptures were made null and void in what is known as the Doctrine of Abrogation. This means, quite simply, that Islam is NOT a religion of peace, and that all those who are so-called ‘moderate’ Muslims are in fact wishy-washy practitioners who digest their holy book al a Carte. It is the Jihadists who are the true Muslims and faithful followers of Islam – as proscribed by the war mongering, Jew-hating, prepubescent-girl-humping Prophet himself.

Finally, Islamofascism is not an oxymoron – unless you are completely ignorant of the brutal totalitarianism gripping Islamic states all over the world.”

Excellent comment. If you want something to compare islamofascism it is not Christain fundamentalism you should look at but nazism. The evil of Islamic Fundamentalism is almost beyond comprehension.

The threat in perspective

July 17, 2007

I have caused some controversy at Salient in the comments thread related to Perrigo’s article; Death to Islamofascism. Some left wingers allege that the same could be said about Christianity. The reality is that while almost all religions have a violent fundamentalist minority, in Islam that fundamentalist minority is bigger and more worrying than other fundamentalist minorities. I asked them to put the following numbers into perspective:
Number of murders and attempted murders of abortionists by Christian fundamentalists in the US and Canada between 1989 and 2004: 23
Number of people murdered by Islamic fundamentalists last week (July 7- july 13): 623 . Thats 600 more in one week than anti-abortionists over 15 years.
  I also pointed out that more people are murdered each year by Islamic fundamentalists than have been killed in total during the Spanish inquisition, and more civilians killed in two hours on September 11 2001 than in 26 years 91969-1995) in Northern Ireland (both facts from the religon of peace). Despite this, they are now challenging for the figures for deaths in Iraq (no doubt they blame the whole lot on Bush), Timothy Mcveigh in Oklahoma, and number of African children that “die from malnutrition because the pope says condoms are forbidden” (I’m sure they would prefer it if those African children were murdered in their mothers wombs before they were born), Palestinians killed by Isreali soldiers e.t.c.
  The problem for them is there is a very big difference between the deaths of civilians in Iraq killed by the US military, and deaths caused by Islamic terrorists. In Iraq, civilian deaths do occur at the hands of the US military, and did occur in the invasion, but these were the accidental by-products of a invasion that was to prevent Sadamm from getting weapons of mass destruction, and liberate the Iraqi people from Sadamm Hussein, or operations against the insurgents and islamic terrorists in Iraq. On September 11 and in many other terrorist attacks since, killing civilians was the primary purpose of the operation. Second, the US invasion of Iraq, Oklahoma bombing e.t.c weren’t done for religous reasons.
The harsh reality of fundamentalist Islam is seen correctly by Perigo, and not by the left wingers. it is an ideology of hate aimed at the murder of ordinary civilians like you and me, and kills far more people than extremists of all other religons do. although there are many differences between the threat posed by Islamic fundamentalism today, and the threat posed by Nazi Germany in the 1930s,, there are many similarities including both sharing a common hatred of freedom and democracy, both share a common total disregard for the lives of those considered to be racially inferrior or infidels, both advocate programs of genocide against jews and other innocent civilians, both hate free speech, both aim at world domination, and both can be best described with the word evil.

Islamic fundamentalism is the biggest evil force for hate, violence and destruction, not only in the world today, but since the death of Hitler.

Death to Islamofascism

July 16, 2007

In Salient, Lindsay Perigo, has written a opinon piece about Islamic fundamentalism, which he labbels “Islamofascism”. Perigo doesn’t mince his words, describing the Islamic Fundamentalist iodeology of hate for what it is, describing them as:
squalid savages, these bigoted barbarians, these hysterical humanity-haters, these tawdry terrorists, these god-ridden grotesques, these ignoble ignoramuses, these genocidal jihadists”. Although the rheotic of Perigo may be harsh, it quite accurately describes a ideology of hate which glorifies violence and advocates genocide for what it is. And my and perigos rheotic is far more moderate than the people were describing, who carry placards denouncing the Danish cartoons saying “behead those who insult Islam” and “the hell with freedom”. Whats more distirbing than the placards is their willingness to practise what they preach, by bombing ordinary western civilians and flying planes into buildings.The article provides a response to this ideology of hate: Human beings worthy of the title must rise up worldwide and shout in irreversable unison: “Enough of this primoridal primitivism! We who are civilised are revolted by it and shall rebuff it at every turn1” Muslaims must discover rationality and decency; westerners must rediscover them, and as a matter of urgency, speak up for them!.

A petition to sign

June 26, 2007

Calling for the release of Alan johnston, a BBC journalist kidnapped in Gaza by a group called the “Army of Islam”. Sign here.

The religon of peace

June 23, 2007

Anyone who beleives, despite September 11 and all terorist attacks since then, that Islam is a religon of peace needs to visit this website. And look here if you believe a number of myths about Islam. I also sugest you read these quotes from the Quran (unless your a muslim and might get ideas). If you are a muslim, you can get a guide from here about what Muhammed did, and also he is suppose to be an example to you (Quran Sura 33:21)The religon of peace website tells us a large number of facts about Islam including:
Islamic terrorists have carried out 8 664 deadly attacks since September 11 2001.
In the last 35 years more than 5 millon people have been killed in the name of allah.
In Iraq only 225 civilians have been killed by US soldiers, but 16 795 were murdered by islamic fundamentalists.