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Air Pollution kills 1100 New Zealanders per year

July 13, 2007

I was very suprised to read this headline on the NZ Herald, but yes, its true. quite a suprise given were suppose to be Clean and Green. this should give a strong case for more action, given that it kills more than all deaths on the road combined.

While on the topic of pollution, on Close Up last night they talked about Climate change, and how some small towns in Northland may have to be moved because they got two one-in-hundred-year floods in the last few weeks. It is important to remember that there may not be another such flood for the next 500 years. This disaster, like many others, was blamed on climate change. I’m getting tired of hearing of natural disasters being blamed on Climate change- obviously it appears that some enviromentalists think natural disasters never happened a few decades ago. While true that there may be more hurricanes and natural disasters due to Climate change, you can’t blame any single natural disaster for climate change. Second, there may be some natural disasters that may be prevented due to climate change (e.g. less cold wether, if less rain is predicted, then there will be fewer floods).