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Danger: flying pigs

July 25, 2007

Labour does not believe in public service neutrality. And Helen Clark and David Benson Pope are liars. These should be self evident from the following facts.

Helen Clark claims that David Benson-Pope did not know of the infamous phone call from Steve Hurring, who is the senoir advisor to David Benson-Pope, to Hugh Logan, CEO of the enviromental ministry, asking for Setchell to be sacked. David Benson-Pope also denies knowledge. Colin Espinor does not find this credible, pointing out that Benson-Pope is “known as something of a control freak who keeps his staff on a tight leash”, and that Benson-Pope lied to the pubic in a similar incident when his office (with Benson-Pope lying that he didn’t know) leaked parts of a police report relating to his mistreatment of pupils by him as a teacher at Bayfield High School. Espinor’s opinon is shared by Colin James who says “a person in the ministers office speaks for the minister. The minister is responsible for what that person says or does as a member of the minister’s office whether or not it is at the minister’s specific bidding or with the minister’s knowledge”. I find it easier to believe Espinor and James than Clark and benson-Pope. But there is no proof so lets give them the benefit of the doubt.

Until this, which reveals he was breifed on the issue, and his freudian slip, both of which help reveal Benson-Pope as a liar.

Of course, for the issue of public service neutrality, it doesn’t matter if Benson-Pope is a liar or not, because Helen Clark has publically stated that it was a mistake that Ms Setchell’s job application was processed in the first place. In Clarks eyes, if your partner works for National, you should be disqualified for working for the public service. So much for public service neutrality.

Why is Labour against public service neutrality, and why did they choose to sack Ms Setchell. Andrey Young provides the answer saying “the unspoken question would have had more force; do you relise that your new communications manager will be working closely on some of the campaigns on sustainability and carbon-neutrality we feel certain that the ministery will be planning before the election next year? If Labour had nothing to hide, it would have nothing to worry about”. The reason is so labour can get the public service to acquise in its plans to ensure its re-election by stealing large amounts of taxpayers money for advertising campaigns to inform people of its policies help it get re-elected. It didn’t want Setchell telling her partner, who might tell John Key, what was being planned.


Sacked over partners political views

July 10, 2007

One member of our public service, Madeline Setchell has lost her job as head of communications for the Enviroment Ministry, not because she did a bad job, but because her partner Kevin Taylor is working as Chief press secretary for John Key. Setchell made no secret of this. This is a pretty weak reason to take a job away from someone.

David Farrar believes the act was done for Political retribution, and mentions a previous case of a minister sacking someone because they sought nomination as a National MP. idiot/Savant at No Right Turn should be praised for taking the right view on this position, not the one that fits best with his ideology. He rightly identifies a serious danger to the neutrality of our public service coming from this dissmissal.