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New petrol tax for Auckland

March 19, 2008

The Auckland regional council has just imposed a 5 cent per litre petrol tax to help pay for upgrading of its transport network. I support them in doing so. They have been given the powers to do so under the 2007 budget, and legislation being rushed through Parliament.

When will the new Bill Labour is passing take effect? 1 January. Just after the election. Coincidence?


Danger of releasing policy too early

July 30, 2007

Earlier this month I blogged about the danger of an opposition party releasing its policy details too early. In Labour adopting National’s policy of spending all petrol tax money on roads, we see an example of these dangers, with Labour taking the credit for what was a National policy.

Personally, I see this as good news, because I agree with the policy, and Benson-Pope and other stories have kept the issue from much media attention. But it does show as an example of what might happen if National was to release too much policy now.