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A victory for democracy

August 30, 2007

Thats what the recent installment of Gull as Turkey’s President is. To sumarise the story so far, Gul is a member of the AK (Justice and Development) Party, a moderate centre-right Islamist party in Turkey. Despite claims of its opponents, it has no record of pushing anything which can be labbled radical Islamist, but it does have a record of delivering macroeconomic stability, strong economic growth and foreign investment and low inflation. In April he was nominated by the AK party (which is the party with the most seats in the Turkish Parliament) to be the countries 11th President. When the voting came, he was defeated not because of a lack of votes, but due the quorom-busting (not attending so ensuring there can’t be a quorom) of the opposition. Following this defeat new elections were called, and the army gave veiled threats of a possible coup. In the new elections, voters gave a convincing mandate to the AK Party, which won 47% of the vote. After the election, Gul was renominated by the AKP, and because the opposition didn’t engage in quorom-busting a second time, Gul was elected. This can only be seen as a vote for Democracy and no to military coups.

The allegations that Gul was a radical Islamic fundamentalist on the grounds his wife wears a headscarf were ridicolous. Even if the AK does move the country in an Islamist direction, military coups have no place in a modern democracy. The turkish military (which staged 3 coups, the last in 1980) needs to understand that.