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August 15, 2007

Thats all you can say about the British Police’s descison to prosecute channel 4 for a documentary entitled “undocover mosque” which exposed a “moderate” Iman (priest) shouting “we hate the kuffar” (kuffar being a deroagatory term for non-Muslims). They are being prosecuted for for inciting hatred. If any-one is guilty of inciting hatred it is the iman. However, I feel that ‘we hate the kuffar’ should be allowed (in the same way “we hate socialists” should be) under free speech. “Death to the kuffar” shouldn’t be.


Constitutional Change in the UK

July 6, 2007

No Right Turn has details of constitutional changes the new Prime Minister Gordon Brown plans to make in the UK, which involves transfering significent powers, like declaring war, dissolve parliament and appoint judges. This move should be welcomed. I hope that such changes may occur in New Zealand as well, and a fixed electoral term to stop governments calling for early elections when they are doing well in the polls (like Labour did in 2002) in the near future. The powers involved are very significent and shouldn’t be vested in one person.

Political change in the UK

May 24, 2007

Alex Salmond of the SNP has been elected Scotland’s first minister, heading a SNP-Greens coalition, dependent on the Liberal Democrats. This means that the SNP can still govern Scotland, but there will be no referendum on independence. Also, as all readers will probably know, Tony Blair is stepping down as UK Primeminister¬†¬†to Gordon Brown.
hat tip: No Right Turn