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Abortion supervisory comittee: How your MPs voted

July 20, 2007

I reported several weeks ago about the abortion supervisory comittee apointments. The Pro-life Times issue 30 has details of how MPs voted on this issue (shown below. The full details are published below. Labour block voted, showing that if you become a labour MP you don’t get to excercise your conscience on conscience votes, your leader tells you how to vote. National and NZ First were almost evenly split, with a slight majoraty against Fenwicke (the candidate proposed by Mark Burton, and member of the Family Planning Assosciation), suprisingly including Chris Finlayson, National’s only gay MP. The Maori party block voted (minus the absent Sharples) against Fenwicke, a pleasing sign, but it was disapointing National and NZ First had fewer conservative voting MPs than I expected. Also on the topic, despite over a month having passed since I emailed Mark Burton about his appointments no reply has come, despite Margaret Monks, his ministerial secretary promising a reply in 20 working days. I have resent the e-mail. It appears he needs a long time to spin himself out of the questions. (more…)