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Student Assosciation Shambles

July 10, 2007

We have just seen more activity from the Student Choice’s secret weapon, the VUWSA Exec. They have demostrated their support for VSM by showing why we need it, to stop misrepresentation and their misruning of their Student Assosciation. Last year its bad management has seen it come up with a $300 000 budget defecit from no-where, leading it to in an act of astonishing hypocrisy raise fees by 21%, while opposing a 5% university fee increase. the shambles continued on into this year, with a drunken Heleyni Pratley grafitiing over the walls of the Student Union Building, and the then Womens-Rights-Officer Clelia Opie stealing almost $6 000 of students money for ‘psychic hotline’ phone calls. The most recent case involves the accidental theft of a sign and costume, and more disgustingly, Queer officer Racheal Wright striping in front of the exec to urinate on a footpath, and even more disgustingly Activities Officer lick the urine of the footpath. To be fair to VUWSA there are some hard working exec members who do serve students well, and the case for VSM is primarilly about the principle of freedom of assosciation, but the missmanagement of VUWSA shows wy we need VSM. Without it, exec members can play with hundreds of thousands of dollars of student money, so long as they don’t upset the small minority who bother voting or attending general meetings. also, VUWSA doesn’t have a monopoly on incompetence, as shown by the Tertiary Womens Focus Group, feminists who suposedbly believe in equality, but gag men from speaking at their mettings. This is a group funded by my compulsory levies. There is one example of s tudent Assosciation doing something right, OUSA, which according to Student Choice, has began planning for the possibility of VSM. A sensible step. However, sadly, there is no guarentee that VSM will come in the future, as although National may get elected in 2008, it may not have the stomach to push VSM through in the teeth of what will fierce opposition from student asssociations. The placing of the centrist katherine rich in the education portfolio is not a good sign. More incompetence from the VUWSA exec may help it along, and possibly enable VSM to win in a on-campus referendum.